Sansa Clip+ and compatible Car FM modulator

Looking to play mp3’s through my car stereo. Has anybody bought a Car FM Modulator off ebay etc that works well with the Clip+ ?

Bought a FM Modulator at Wal Mart made by (Scosche)-FMT4R work very well. you can get little peices of velcro (fuzzy side to player and mod) and stick them on your player and modulator and attach them anywhere u like. works with me.

The iRiver FM transmitter (available at and other places) has good reviews, although its price has been lower in the past.

I bought a unit through Walmart’s website,

I really like it.  Sound is decent.  FM transmitter is powerful enough to do the job.

It’s very flexible.  Plays MP3s from my clip as a USB drive (and charges at the same time) or connect the audio out to line in (it comes with a short cable that works).

Works the same way with my phone.  Except I can also play via bluetooth and then it is also a hands free set (though the microphone could be better).

I can also plug an SD card full of MP3s directly into it and play that.

Charges both my clip and my phone (one at a time).

Tilt is nice - it moves out of the way of the gear shifter in my eclipse .

Bottom line, I’m completely satisfied with it.

Here’s the manufacturer’s page :