Sansa Clip 8mb

I bought two of these for my daughter and they have both had the same problem.  She tends to turn on her mp3 player at night before going to bed and then falling asleep.  Then for some unknown reason the player gets stuck.  I can’t turn it on or off, when I plug it in the it does nothing, none of the buttons I push seem to make any difference, it acts like a computer that has a Windows lockup problem.

The first MP3 Player was a couple of years old and I just figured that it was old and tired so I went and bought a new one.  Now this one is doing the same thing after only 1-2 months.  Any helpful advice would be appreciated.


Is she using the sleep timer?  Or does it stay on until the battery is empty?

2 things to try - soft reset (holding the on/off switch in the up postition for 15-20 seconds)

and/or an extended charge (particularly if the battery has been fully discharged)

You also could try reapplying the firmware, in case it’s become corrupted.