Sansa Clip+ 8GB died, then brought back to life

I want to share the experience I just had in the hopes that it will help someone else.  My Sansa Clip+ 8GB died just now after about 0.5 hours of use (the device is under 3 months old).  I was a little worried as the screen was black and I could not turn it back on nor could I reset the device. I attached it to usb via my computer and the device still did not turn on and was not recognized by the OS. Then I attached the Clip+ to a usb wall charger and for some reason it came back to life; the device booted up and after 10 seconds was playing music again just fine.  I turned the device off and then attached it to usb via my computer again and this time the OS recognized the device and started charging it like nothing happened.  I’m pleased I did not have to RMA the device and I hope if anyone runs into this type of problem they’ll give this method try and with some luck thier Clip+ might come back to life too.

Edit: I forgot to mention the device was fully charged when I started to listen to music and a fairly low volume setting (one must protect the ears) and then it suddenly died after 0.5 hours of use as I mentioned before.

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Thanks for the tip–it’s these small things that are so good and life-dispensing to know!

No me digas!!

It’s possible, although I wouldn’t have thought it likely, that the battery was so depleted the usb couldn’t (or wouldn’t) support the current drain. Normally, windows should warn you when this is the case. A wall charger would just drop voltage but continue to supply.