Sansa Clip 8gb / 24 bit audio files

Just got a Clip & am setting up dBpoweramp. Does my Clip play 24 bit audio files?

I cant say for sure because Im not sure what you mean exactly. Are we talking about 24-bit in terms of quality? I would venture a guess and say it will play them if you use a compatable file type

Hey SG. Thanks for getting back. I am talking about 24 bit sound quality. I’m setting up dBpoweramp for ripping & considering using the HDCD DSP so that any HDCDs would be ripped in 24 bit instead of 16 bit audio. No need though if my Clip won’t play 24 bit. Just occured to me, though, that I might be able to archive HDCDs in 24 bit & convert from 24 bit to 16 bit for my Clip. I’m assuming that Windows Media Player will play 24 bit files. Any way, can’t find this info anywhere in specs for Clip & tried calling Tech Support too late last night so thought I’d get out here & ask my first question. Look forward to hearing back.

Another question about Clip DSP support. Does it support ReplayGain? Is there a resource that lists detailed specs like this?

Replaygain, no.  MP3Gain (which builds the info. into each file and, as a result, can be used on any player, generally), yes.

I’m new to this so, please, bear with me! My understanding of ReplayGain is that the value is written into the file so any compatible player can then read and use it. Sounds like MP3Gain. What’s the difference between the two?

As I understand it, with MP3Gain, a change is made to a file at the time that MP3Gain is run on the file–when played, the file simply appears as an MP3 file as to which the volume already has been normalized, etc. (and this can be undone by MP3Gain, by the way, a reason why this is attractive), and the player needs nothing further than regular MP3 playback capability.  With ReplyGain, as I understand it, your player has to have an extra “ReplayGain ability” to apply on the file at the time of being played.

Very helpful. The fog is beginning to lift! If I did use ReplayGain while rippng, would my Clip be able to play the files any way without the effect? What is ReplayGain (apply)? Really appreciate your help …

ReplayGain and MP3Gain can be used to increase the volume level of audio files.  Equally/more importantly, they can be used to “normalize” the volume level of music/audio files, so that songs from one album don’t play quietly and then the next loudly (where that wasn’t the original intent), just because the base level for the recording of the 2 albums was different.  In the television world, it’s like preventing commercials from playing louder than a television show (an old advertising trick).

I don’t use ReplayGain.  But my understanding is that if you ran ReplayGain on some files but then played those files on a “ReplayGain-less” player (like the Clip), the files would play just fine, but without any ReplayGain effect (but as I don’t use ReplayGain, I’m guessing at this).  Here’s the Wikipedia info. on ReplayGain.

But as I said, MP3Gain files will work with any player (including the Clip), as you run MP3Gain on your audio files and it normalizes them all to a reference volume level that you set, changing the volume level in the files themselves at that point (but which later can be reversed, if you wish).  I routinely run MP3Gain on my music files after I get them/rip them.  It is very easy to do, and does not take long (unless you’re doing lots of CDs of music at one time–then, just leave MP3Gain to do its stuff for a few hours or even overnight, if there’s lots of gbs of music to do).

You may want to check MP3Gain out–  As I said, it’s totally reversible, so why not try it out, if this might be something you can use?

Wikipedia on Mp3Gain:  And it turns out, MP3Gain is an implementation of ReplayGain.  Ya’ learn something new every day!

This is really helpful. Thanks!

Another question: Does the Clip support gapless playback? Getting gaps at the track transitions on live cds converted to FLAC for my Clip. Just started looking onto this. Seems it could be a conversion issue and/or a playback issue. Your thoughts?

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Clip, currently no; Clip+, gapless or nearly gapless – this all at least for MP3 VBR files (I don’t have other filetypes).  Many of us are still hoping that SanDisk brings this feature to the Clip from the Clip+, along with the other firmware improvements of the Clip+ – not a word on this from SanDisk, yet, despite multiple inquiries …

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