Sansa Clip 2GB from Recognized by Computer but doesn't switch on

Hi there,
I’ve got a problem with my Sansa player when I connect it to the computer it endlessly keeps on charging the battery saying:" Connected" but after unplugging it doesn’t switch on at all. I installed a new firmware by dragging a file manually to Sansa root directory but it installed while plugged to the computer via usb wire as it dosen’t want to charge the battery and will not switch on at all while disconnected from the computer…
Thanks for any advice in advance!

If it’s one of the original Clips (round scroll wheel), it’s probably a bad solder joint on one (or more of) the battery wires connecting it to the motherboard.

We hear what you describe quite a bit, and bad battery solder joints were common in this model. If you’re adventurous and think you can take it apart (and get it back together again) and are handy with a very small tipped soldering iron, you can probably fix it yourself. If not (and you don’t know anyone who is), recycle it responsibly and get one of the newer Clip+'s or Zips.

Don’t forget to transfer your content off the player and onto your computer before getting rid of it though, so you can simply load it up on the new one when you get it. :wink: