sansa clip 2gb not turning on

I have charged my player for over 15 hours and it comes up with blue display saying connected and charging.  My player will  not turn on after disconnect it from computer.  Can someone please help???

Is this one of the older original Clips (round scroll wheel)? They were prone to faulty solder joints on the battery leads.

yup I think so.  Does that mean it I can’t revive it.

Only if you want to try opening it up and re-soldering the battery wire connections. There are tutorials and pictures online posted by others who have down this if you want to Google it and see if it’s somoething you want to tackle. Or maybe you know someone who’s handy with a soldering iron?

At least if you decide this isn’t the way you want to go and end up getting a new player, this one still connects to your computer so you can transfer all your music to your computer for re-transfer to the new machine. :wink:

From what I’ve seen here, it really is not all that hard to re-connect the lead–and you also can use conductive glue (available at electronics parts stores) rather than solder.  Just need to be careful, especially in prying and opening the case up.  But definitely do-able, even for us mere mortals!    :)