Sansa Clip ok on pc but won't turn on

My Sansa Clip acts normally when plugged into pc.  The disk displays correctly on pc and files play corrctly while on pc.  But even after several hours charging, the machine doesn’t either light up or play.  I did a thorough reset several times to no avail.  I installed the latest firmware, but still to no avail.  I would really miss this little unit that has been with me for years.  thanks for any advice.


Did you try charging the player using a cell phone charger? Perhaps your pc might not be putting out enough power to charge the player. If you are using a desktop pc you need to use a rear usb port, as the front ones are usually low power. If you are using a notebook, you need to plug the notebook in first before connecting the player to charge, as notebook usb ports typically revert to low power mode on battery power. Check the power saving options on your pc to make sure they aren’t cutting the power to the usb ports.

If your player won’t charge properly using a mini usb cell phone charger , then there might be something wrong with the player. If it is new then return it. If  not and it is less than a year old, then rma it to Sandisk for replacement. It might be that the battery is defective or the battery wire disconnected.

If this is one of the original Clips (round scroll wheel and wimpy clip on the back), it’s probably the solder joint(s) on the battery that have fallen off, or become disconnected. This was (and still is) a common problem in these models.

If your handy wih a small-tipped soldering iron and have good eysight (or a good magnifying glass), and want to tackle opening the case without damaging it you might be able to fix it yourself.

Hi, thanks for the tip.  I’ve had this little player several years.  I have been charging it from the front of my desktop, but your suggestion about plugging into the back makes sense.  I’ll give that plan a try and post here what I learn.

About the solder joints:  Your suggestion about the possibility of a cold solder joint fits all the symptons.  I have a small iron and am used to soldering.  How does one get inside the player where the battery is?  Also what precautions do I need to be especially careful about when I open it up?

thanks, lrm

See this:

and this:

Since the player is several years old, the battery may be worn out. Rechargeable batteries eventually wear out.

Hi,  the machine is indeed several years old, but the battery has been playing some four to five hours.  The battery could be actually worn out, but I would have thought it would just eventually get less and endurance.  I’ll let you know.  thanks for the suggestion