Sansa and linux + not WIndows media player playinglists


I’ve purchased a m250 player few days ago’ and now i’m trying to add playlists on it.

I’m using linux OS and it seems that neither the player works with the linux music players neither the updateframe or other sandisk progs run on linux.

Can some1 help me with how can i use playinglist from 1 of linux music players or maybe i must use windows?

thank u

personally I just use windows. On a windows system you have to have the player detected in MTP mode, and synced via auto-sync through windows media player. Those are just the settings needed on windows, just so your aware. 

Thank you.
Another question that i couldnt find a good answer for it on the forum.
When I’m using windows media player and synchronising playlists it syncs just the music and doesnt creates the playlist, thats normal and writen on FAQ.
When I make a m3u playlist on WMP and saving it on my sansa, sometims it works fine, sometimes it says “No files” and someties inside the playlist i saved i get another menu of playlists usualy some r empty and some have the music list.
For example I made a playlist named “sports” when I’ve saved it on sansa and tried to play it, there was another 3 derectories named “rage against the machine” inside “sports” and 1 of them had all the music files ( by verious artists) other were empty.

Have any idea, how do u make easy and well working playlists? ( the ways suggested on the forum and on the how to videos didnt help)


I think there is more Linux users at my sig link.