Windows Media Player does not detect existing Play Lists on my Sansa Fuse

As the subject line implies, when I connect my player to the computer, Windos Media player opens showing all song titles, Groups and such. Ewhen I click on the Sansa Player and click on Play Lists, Media Player informs me that NO Play Lists Exist.  But, they do exist on the Player via the Menu Screen.

I do have back up copies of all my music on 1TB USB Drive, included within  the file directory is a Folder/Playlists.  If I open that folder and click on any of those playlists, the Windows Media Player will open and start playing the songs from that playlist. 

How can I restore all those saved playlist from the USB drive back to my Sansa Fuze so the Windows Media Player will see them in the Sansa Player directory?

I should note that when I got the Fuze, my system was running XP Pro 32 bit and the Windows Media version at that time, I have since upgraded my system to Windows 7 and the most recent version of Windows Media Player.

Sorry to say but Windows Media Player probably thinks you are using a different computer.

You may have to delete saved playlists from the Sansa and send them over again, one by one. A playlist is basically a list of files and locations. If the files are located on your computer–and playing fine–those are not the ones located on the Sansa. So you may have to make new playlists instead.