Sansa 4g not charging

I have a Sansa 4g that is a couple of years old and it appears it will no longer charge.  The lightning bolt does no appear when it is charging.  After it has charged, for a while, the battery indication has not moved in fact has actually lost some more charge.  I have not changed the way that I charge it and I make certain that my computer is on during the charge.  All of the green is gone from the battery indicator and yet it is still playing.  Is it possible the indicator is bad or is this thing just done? 

Also, when I unplug the recharging cord,  the thing is playing a song.  Don’t recall it doing this in the past. 

Is it possible your computer’s USB port is dead? Or somehow no longer supplying enough juice to charge your Fuze?

Do you have a USB wall charger that you can plug your charging cable into? This will provide a reliable supply of juice for the charge.

To check the % charge remaining on your Fuze go to Settings > System Settings > Info then scroll down to where you see Power and a %.

Thanks for the response.

My USB ports seems to be ok as I just charged my camera.  The camera also has a wall plug in that I can plug my Fuze USB cord into, I left it over night and it shows to have a full charge.  The screen is different when it is charging in that it shows planning music while it is charging, but it now has 100% charge.

Sounds like you can charge your Fuze using the wall charger. At least until you can figure out why charging it through your computer’s USB port isn’t working.

When you connect the Fuze to the computer, the Fuze goes into Computer Mode (I don’t think that’s an official term - it’s just what I call it), where you can transfer data back and forth between the Fuze and the computer. This makes use of the data pins in the USB cable. As you know, when it’s in Computer Mode, the screen shows the Connected or Writing message with the colorful Sansa flower, and you can’t use the Fuze to play your music.

When you connect the Fuze to a wall charger, it is not making use of the data pins in the USB cable. It is simply drawing a charge. So, you can still use your Fuze to play your music while it’s being charged through a wall charger. I almost always charge my Sansas through a wall charger just for this reason.

So, what you’re experiencing is perfectly normal.

Since data and charge go through two different sets of pins, it’s possible that your Fuze cord’s data connection is damaged while the charge connection works.

You might still be able to charge from the computer by going to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and changing it to MSC, which is the simplest connection–the computer sees the Fuze as basic storage. MTP is to have the unit controlled by Windows Media Player; Auto goes to MTP if your computer has WMP 10 or above, MSC if not, and sometimes screws up. MSC is worth a try.

If it doesn’t charge in MSC–but you can still charge from the wall–I’d suggest investing in a new cord. You can get a cheap generic one from Amazon.

Don’t use an iPod cord, which will fry the Fuze.

This may be obvious, but I would suggest you reboot your computer, then try to charge your Fuze through the USB port.

Sometimes, one of the USB ports on my laptop just dies for no apparent reason. Rebooting the laptop brings it back to life as if nothing had ever been wrong. Not sure if this will help in your case, since you say you have charged your camera through the computer’s USB port. But I suppose it’s worth a try.