Sansa Fuze 4 GB charge problem

I bought this three months ago. I had charge problem. I guess it is cable problem (use for connect sansa to computer), sometimes it can charge, sometimes it can not. Should I contact Sansa support and mail the cable for me? or other problem? Thanks.

Is it the same on another computer?

I have two computer. One is HP computer, the Sansa can never be charged on this computer. The other computer is an old one, bought it four years ago, Sansa can be charged sometimes.

What OS is on the PCs?

Can you transfer music to the Fuze using either of them?

Have you tried changing USB mode between MTP & MSC on the Fuze to see it that makes any difference?


David, are you using front USB sockets? If so try to use USB ports at the back of the computer. Sometimes front USB connection doesn’t output enough power to charge a device.