Sansa 2G Clip won't hold charge

I have a 2G Black Sansa Clip.  I can fully charge my device and listen to music for maybe 30 minutes or so.  Turn it off, get it later in the day, say 4 or 5 hours later and listen to it again and then turn it off again.  But after a day or two I go to pick it up to listen to some music and it won’t turn on.  I have to put it on charge again before I can listen to my player.  This sucks!!!  The last time I listened to my player I made sure it had a full charge and listened to music for about 45 minutes and turned it off.  After 4 days of setting on my computer desk I grabbed it up knowing I only used it for 45 minutes the last time after a full charging and guess what, Yep dead battery.  Is this normal for this product?  Has anyone else had this problem.  If it is a normal function for the battery not to hold a charge it needs to be put in the owners manual that this will occur if not used for a couple of days.  We all know what happens to rechargable batteries after you charge them so many times!!  They are worthless…  I have only charged my device about a dozen times since I got it for Christmas 07.

Is the player in a full off mode, by your using the on/off switch to turn it off?

If so, the player has a discharge problem (others have had this issue)–exchange it for a new one.

Yes, I have been using the on/off switch to turn off the device, pretty cool how it tells you Goodbye when you switch it off…  Thanks for your help.  Guess I’ll have to take it back to Best Buy and swap it out.

Swap it out and do mention your discharge issue and make sure that they give you the good one :slight_smile:

try updating the firmware from the forums. the lasest one is 01.01.20. make sure that ur pc can unzip files and be read in “my computer”

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No offense, but he might just as well shake it (the Clip) at the full moon…

The battery problem is a hardware issue (= “bad battery”) and may in fact be tied to a certain production batch and/or manufacturing site, based on some keen observations related to headphone type supplied with the Clip. There’s been a LOT of effort in this direction by many users, some very interesting, some very…well, you be the judge.

Go hereto read more about that

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yes it can be a battery issue but i also know that the older firmware was not keeping a good hold on the battery life. i had that problem. when i updated my firmware from 11a to 18a, i had no problem with the life on it. and it works great.

Ugh!! Me too! I can’t turn mine on, and I just got new music on! Grrrr!!

I keep display dim and duration short as needed, pause play before turning off, and slide switch down to lock buttons. i never use FM or other services and leave Music showing when turn off.

@doodles2141 wrote:
Ugh!! Me too! I can’t turn mine on, and I just got new music on! Grrrr!!

Did you charge it for 4 hours?  Did you try to re-set it (on switch in uppermost position for 15-20 seconds)?