How long should a charge last?

My wife’s Sansa Clip holds a charge (even when not in use) for less than 24 hours. This seems too short, even for the size of this player. Is this time length normal?


Defintely not.  Are you sure the Clip was fully charged?  It can take several hours to get a full charge.

It should normally get 12 or more hours of use.  With occasional use it should hold a charge for many days or even weeks.

There are reports of some units having rapid discharge problems.  So if you are absolutely sure the fully charged unit is discharging that fast, then you should return the unit to the store for exchange or call Sandisk for an RMA.

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You’ll read a lot on this forum about the Clip’s battery life. It is, in fact, not close to the advertised 15 hours. Additionally, the player’s battery loses strength even when it is not in use. This is probably the biggest negative about the Sansa Clip.

this was a hardware issue that has been resolved. if your clip discharges the battery in 24 hours when not being used you probably have a device from the first batch run. contact sandisk technical support for an rma.

An RMA return is in the works.

thanks for all your comments


You mean, in terms of playing time?  10-15 hours, depending on file type and other factors.  You mean, between playing sessions?  A long time.

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