How long should a charge last?

My wife’s Sansa Clip holds a charge (even when not in use) for less than 24 hours. This seems too short, even for the size of this player. Is this time length normal?


Doesn’t sound right, but post in the Clip board and see what other Clip users have to say.

That’s not at all normal (my power lasts for months).  I’d try to re-set it and to reformat it, and maybe also reapply the firmware.  If that doesn’t work, I’d call SanDisk for a warranty exchange.

If you do a search for “clip battery life” on this board, you’ll find a lot pf people have had this complaint. Seems there was a “batch” of bad players that got out of the factory. You should call Sandisk; they will probably give you an RMA# (return to manufacturer authorization) and give you a new one. :smiley: