SANS M250 my computer can't detect it

mp3 is working fine but prblem is i cann’t add any more MP3 
When i plug the MP3 player into the back USB
port of my computer , my computer can’t detect it. previously it was working on my computer i use windows XP.

What does it say on the screen of the player? Also check on the device manager if it shows there.

Did you reboot? I had it not detect mine once until I rebooted.

The same thing just happened to me. The computer will not recognize the player at all if the usb setting is on auto-detect. Furthermore, if I switch the usb setting to MTP the computer will recognize the device but will only show it having five songs. The player itself works fine and is at about 80% capacity. I am at a loss. How old is your player? How much space do you have left?

MTP is Auto Detect. Did you try MSC?

Sorry, I was backwards on the usb setting. I cannot see the player on MTP/auto-detect, and I can see it on MSC mode but with only a handful of the songs which are actually on the player.

When you click on your (My Computer Icon) do you see
it there?

i can’t see it under my computer

also it’s not under my device manager

i change caple and change PC but nothing happen when i plug it

i can play and record it works fine but i want to transfer songs from pc or files.

It looks like you have to sync it with windows media player to get songs on and off.