SanDisk Ultra SDD 120GB Firmware Upgrade Failed

I have a SanDisk Ultra 120GB SDD currently at FW Rev # 362A13F0.   I downloaded the SDD Toolkit and loaded it on my PC.  I ran the Firmware Updater and it stated there was no information for my device.  On your support page of your website however, there was a FW Rev # 365A13F0 for my model of SDD.  I downloaded that file and used your toolkit.  But it was a little confusing as it only copied the file I downloaded to the CD.  When I simply used the WIN 7 Burn CD utility by right clicking on the ISO file, I burnt the file to another CD.  I loaded this CD into my DVD WR Drive and rebooted.  It entered the firmware update utility and started loading it into the SDD firmware.  However it concluded with an update failed message.  Tried several times with the same result.

The SSD still works fine, but can yo tell me what I am doing wrong in performing the update?