SanDisk Ultra II


Recently my SanDisk Ultra II 4GB memorycard stopped working properly.

When it’s in my camera i can take pictures and look at them on the mini-screen but when i put the card in my computer, laptop or printer there are no documents shown. Only one document called WMPInfo.XML

But when i go to properties it shows that there’s only 125mb of free space which is correct because all the pictures from my trip to Australia last year are on it. So i don’t like to format the card because of all those pictures, i haven’t made a backup yet. Does anyone know what is going on here? Even if i connect the camera with my PC using the correct cable, it does not show any document but that xml document.

I’ve tried asking the same on a dutch forum but only one guy replied on my post and said that i had to go to Command Prompt, type in the letter of the external disk which in my case is :H

Then type in dir /a  and see what its says.

**30-03-2009 22:12 <DIR> DCIM

06-05-2009 08:46 <DIR> .Trashes

06-05-2009 08:46 4.096 ._.Trashes

06-05-2009 08:46 6.148 .DS_Store

04-11-2010 15:52 296 WMPInfo.xml

3 documents10.540 bytes

2 maps 131.858.432 bytes available**


no one replied so i thought let’s try it on this forum, hope someone can help me because i can’t lose all my pictures.


your pictures should be in the DCIM folder

Alright, but i´m a compleet newbie when it comes to things like this. When i open the :H folder, the DCIM folder isn’t there. It’s empty exept for the xml file. How do i open that DCIM folder, where can i find it ?


sounds like the file allocation table is corrupt. you could try using terminal to see if you can get to it since it shows when you do the dir command but it likely will not work. you will probably have to format the card to fix  it. formatting will erase the data unfortunatly but you could always try a data recovery app to see if you could get the pictures back.