2gb SanDisk SD card stopped working. Please help me get my pictures!

I popped in the laptop this morning and it worked fine. Took it out, stuck it in the camera, and it said “error”. Back in the laptop, and it says I need to format it. It had said that a couple of times last week, but I clicked “no” and popped it in and out again and it read fine. I checked the proporties and it said “0 space used” and “0 space available” I ran some photo recovery software that found 1200+ deleted photos, but I couldn’t see the thumbnail and under the red square for each picture it said “0 x 0 invalid”.

I have pictures from the hospital from my newborn son that I need off of this card. I’m a grown ass man about to cry here. Someone please help me out!!! 

Try putting the card back in the camera, and viewing the photos. I did this with a Smart Media card that wasn’t readable in my pc years ago and found a few photos that were corrupted, but once those few corrupted photos were deleted in the camera, the rest of the photos were retrievable in my pc.

I have a sandisk that was working fine then stopped working computer wouldn’t recognize it camera said it had to be formatted but wouldn’t format it. It had been used in a out door trailcam.  Here is what I did I used a q-tip with Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and rubbed it on the metal on the card and let it dry then put it in the computer and was very surprised that it is now working fine. Hope this works for you.

Have accidentally deleted or removed your camera photos off from inner used SD card for accidental deletion, format or other reasons? Have checked this memory card with any photo recovery software? How many original photos have you retrieved?
If you still have something wanted to restore, you can try my ways: simply adding nothing new on this memory card and use Stillbon Photo Recovery Software that can always do its utmost to get all possible stuffs back.

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