Corrupted SanDisk Extreme III 2gb SD card recovery / holiday photos !

Hi All,

Long story short…

SanDisk Extreme 3 SD card. Used in a camera, camera locked up… Resinserted card, wouldn’t be read. Card is unable to be read by laptop, have tried running recovery software against it, but the issue is it won’t be recognised.

Card was sent off to a professional recovery company. They removed the casing, tried, and came up with nothing.

They advised me that the only people who can recover the card, and photos on it, are SanDisk as they use a pin to pin method of extraction from the chip itself.

Is this correct ? 

Is anyone able to help with recovery of these once in a lifetime holiday photos !

Any help or responses appreciated.


i also need an assist to obtain access to a 64gb SD that is no longer able to be read.  As for your scenario, given what youve already gone thru, it appears youre screwed.  Not lookimg good.

not every professional data recovery knows how/can recover data from Monolithic SD and other types of flash memory devices. Process for data extraction is shown here:
sandisk data recovery.PNG

Which data recovery software did you use?. SanDisk has one too, try it. If that doesn’t work, resort for Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery (works for videos too) or EaseUs.
Let me knkow which one works for you.

Hi Ellinor, 

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering this advice!  I just used EaseUs and was able to recover 50 mb of photos (145 to be exact) for FREE!  I’m extremely pleased because the alternative was to send in my card to Rescue Pro and pay roughly $300.  This is way out of my budget and it was not a professional shoot, so not worth the investment either way.  I also wanted to let you know that when I tried to download the Stellar recovery, my virus program (Webroot) denied it because it apparently had a virus.  Could just be my program, but figured I’d pass along the info.  Thank you again!! :slight_smile: