4GB Compact Flash

i have a 4gb complact flash card that I took approx 200 pics on yesterday of my son and his team running suburban council. looked at them on the camera and then put them in my cardreader and they would not show. put the card back in my camera and it would not read. brought the card to Ritz Camera and they tried to read it and could not. it looks like the middle of the row of holes (on the card)where the pins go in is scratched some…is there any way for San Disk to look and see if they can get the pics off of the card if I mail it to them…I am desperate…I need those pics!

SanDisk does not offer this service. You need to contact a data recovery company.

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sandisk image recovery software that comes with most sandisk cards. If not I think you can purchase the software from sandisk for about $40. I would also go to you local store that sells flash cards and see if it is included with that card if so you get a card and the program and only have to spend about $20.

To my knowledge, no SanDisk memory card comes with image recovery software, nor does SanDisk sell such software.