Extreme CompactFlash 32GB Card Failed

In using my 32GB Extreme CompactFlash card with a Canon 7D I experienced a card failure in the middle of a shooting session today. I have been using the card for about nine months with no issues and it just stopped after shooting about 200 pictures and gave me the error message that the camera cannot access the card. I replaced it with a Ultra II CompactFlash 8GB card and continued shooting without incident. When I got home my card reader also cannot access the 32GB card.

Is there any way to recover the lost photos? Is the card hopeless now? I have not tried to reformat it again yet and am afraid that it might fail again even if that does make it usable again. Is that a correct assumption?

what exactly is the error you are getting in the computer? you can try formatting and if format completes you can use data recovery software to try and recover the images. if format does not complete then the card has a phisical failure and would need to be replaced. if this is the case and you need the data you would need to send it to a company likeLC Technologies that provide data recovery services. 

I purchased an Extreme III 8gb SanDisk card.  I installed it into the memory slot of my Sony DSC-TX7.  When I came back from vacation, I opened the memory slot and released the card so I could put it in my computer.  When I released the card a piece of black plastic fell into may hand.  I noticed it came from the front of the memory card.  The card was coming apart.  I contacted SanDisk to see if this was covered under warranty.

I have had nothing but grief.  I thought they would ask me to send the defective card back and they would replace it.  Instead I got a lot of emails to photo the card and send the pictures in.  I finally did this but my camera is not equiped with a macro capability, so the pictures did not show the front piece of plastic came off.  After several emails, I was told that SanDisk was not resposible for mis- use of cards.  How installing a memory card and removing a memory card is mis-use I do not understand.

Basically, SanDisk does not respond in Good Faith and the warranty is for all intents is worthless!

Good luck folks!  I give up.

You said you can’t access the 32G card.Did you mean it can be recognized by your computer,but you can’t open it?If you did,I think you should rely on some data recovery software.
Firstly,you ought to recover the pictures from this memory card to avoid losing them.For software,you can use the one below I used before.Then,you can format it to check out whether it can be fixed.Hope this helps!Luck!
The data recovery software:http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/index.htm

I had exactly the same thing happen to me using Extreme III 4Gb after 2 years use. You can’t format/recover a card when your computer and camera tells you the card doesn’t exist!  I tried the card in a number of other camera and readers and all say ‘no memory card present’.

On the other hand I have another camera with a standard ealry 256MB. THis card has had a lot of use over about 10 years and is still going. I am now wondering if the Extreme cards are more likely to fail.