32GB CF Card - Files not accessible

Hello all,

I have a SanDisk Extreme 32GB CF Card (120 MB/s) that is still fairly new (less than 4 months old) 

I use it in my Canon 7D typically for video work and have yet to have problems until now.

Last week I recorded about 2 hours worth of footage, enough to fill the 32GB card, into several different files (each running about 12 minutes each). Now, I never played back the files on my camera as I assumed everything was fine as usual. I swapped out card when the 32GB filled and continued filming with another SanDisk CF card (the files on that card are 100% fine) 

When I went to download the files from the 32GB card, the camera reads on my computer, the card shows up as having 1GB of free space out of the 32GB total space, so I know the files are there; the problem though is that when I dive into the folder stucture, nothing is there. The card shows as having information present on it, but the folders within the card show up as empty (0 bytes). 

Now, I’ve tried multiple recovery software specialized for both CF / SD cards as well as HDD’s, none of which have worked to ‘recover’ the files that seem to still exist. I cannot view the files on my camera (it displays “no files present” when trying) and I cannot find them when I browse through the folder stucture. There are no hidden files, copying the file structure just copies empty folders, and quiet frankly am at a loss for what to do.

Has anyone ran into this problem before and have a solve for it? My last resort is to format the card and attempt a recovery AFTER formatting, but that would seem trivial if recovering now does nothing. I really don’t want to loose these files as they are very important - video footage for a client. Can anyone think of something for me to try? 

Thanks in advance for any help you all can be. 

*Chirp Chirp* - Anyone have any ideas?