Problem with my 16 gb memory card

i have a 16gb memory card 

and i use it for my black berrry 

jst a day ago idk wht happened my memory card stopped working 

i keep getting an msg saying format ur memory card 

i even did yes buh then it shows format was not able to be done 

n then i tried pugging my phone in to my laptop to format my memory card 

buh as sooon as i plug it in 

a msg comes saying format d disk  u tried that i made a format but then it says windows was unable to format wht should i do 

Contact SanDisk for a warranty replacement.

i didnt keep the bill 

and i bought it 2 3 years ago

Probably won’t matter if you kept the reciept or not. Not many people do after that long a time. They can probably verify it’s a genuine SanDisk card by the serial number on it. Yes, you’ll probably need a magnifying glass unless you have very young eyes, but give them a call and see what they can do for you. :wink: