memory card in not worked

I have 2GB Micro SD card. Find mobile and computer time. If the OPTION FORMATE comes. But is not FORMATE. Nor is the show.

your mermory card is not working becaues your mermory card s corrupt .then last choice connect u merory card in your laptop go to my computer and then formet your mermory card enjoy :smiley:

This is due to two reasons one is that your card is corrupted and second is your card is suffering from virus attack. In this situation you are not able to access your card and data as well. So you have to format the memory card from your computer. If you want to recover data from the memory card, you have to use a recovery software. .

I have a 16gb microsd card for my blackberry phone but everytime i insert it to my phone it comes up saying error on card please format it and repair it and when i click format and repair it comes up a minute later sayin it has failed dont know why could anyone suggest what could be the problem and how to fix it