2GB Ultra II "needs formatted" and shows as 64MB

I have a SanDisk 2GB Ultra II Plus USB that says that it requires a format; however, nothing is able to format it successfully. I noticed when attempting to format it in Windows that it says the cards storage capacity is only 64MB.

What can cause a 2GB card to appear as being only 64MB?

I’m sure you hear this a lot but these images are important to me and they cannot be replaced nor reproduced. They are images from a summer camp that I worked at where our campers were children between 7 - 17 who have or have had cancer. I’d greatly appreciate any logical suggestions! :slight_smile:


Well, if you’re wanting to save those images, don’t format it without backing them up onto your computer first. Formatting will erase everything.

Sorry, IE9 bugged out and did not post the message for some reason. Chrome > IE