Sandisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Draw Maximum Power


I wanna ask, is it normal that the USB FD draw max power from USB 3.0 port?

in my screenshot the USB Sandisk Ultra Flair (bought less than a week ago) draw almost 900 mA from USB 3.0 port

Earlier also I found out the FD draw 500 mA on USB 2.0 port (just 1 time) then the rest just 224 mA (normal)

I had Extreme 3.0 that just draw 400 mA on USB 3.0 port (1 month old)

I think this is seems weird or abnormal?

Is the FD faulty / defective?

Also the FD temperature rise up quickly on USB 3.0 but on USB 2.0 the temp still acceptable.

Please help me.

Thanks before.

Sorry my bad english.