SanDisk Ultra 64 memory blown away

I purchased the SanDisk Ultra 64 GB MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 Memory Card in the week before Christmas for my new phone, and I thought I would use it as my new music player. So I copied lots of my music files to the new SanDisk micro card.

All was well until the week after Christmas when I noticed that all music was gone–totally disappeared. I’m not aware that I did anything that would have destroyed all this memory.

What should I do? Is the card defective?

Are the files still there if you connect to your computer via a card reader? Make sure the reader is SCXC (exFAT) compliant. For that matter, make sure your phone is too.

No. Nothing was there when I connect to my PC via USB. (I think it’s treating my phone as an external hard drive.)

I couldn’t tell you about the exFAT, although perhaps it is: it’s plain vanilla Android 4.1 on a Galaxy Note 2. I haven’t done anything special.

In the meanwhile, I copied it to my phone a second time. At this point, it’s still on my MicroSD card.