64GB UHS1 microsdxc intermittently shows "Empty"

On my Samsung Galaxy S3, my new SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC Class 10 UHS-1 card intermittently produces an “Empty” when I browse it using both Solid Explorer and Root Explorer. Other times it shows, and my music player plays, all the files I’ve transferred from my computer.

I’ve reformatted the card in the phone (more than once). Files have been transferred from a Windows XP PC, inserting the card in the supplied adapter, inserted in turn in a Transcend USB plug-in.

The only “solution,” so far, is to remove the card (after unmounting) from the phone and then reinserting. Sometimes, I have to shut down the phone and restart it.

Is this a (known) problem with the card? something else?

There are so many issues with SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card recently…

I’ve got an Ultra 32GB MicroSD Class 10 U1 card for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 two months ago, and now, its dead !!

It can’t even recognize by my computers.

When I plug in my old SanDisk micro SD 2GB to the phone, it still works perfectly !

---------- EDIT ---------------

I’m from Hong Kong, I’ve checked on many forums in HK and Taiwan, many users got the same product with the same issue !

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