SanDisk SSD X300s M.2 2280 512GB SED - Doesn't detect in BIOS after Bitlocker encryption

Hi everyone!

I got a big problem which is related to SanDisk SSD X300s M.2 2280 512GB SED drive.

I have been using it for about 2 years without any complaints and decided to enable BitLocker hardware protection for this drive.

Encryption was successful, I rebooted the computer, and the BitLocker password entry image appeared. I enter the password - everything works fine.

I turned off the computer and the next morning when I turned it on, I found the inscription - Reboot and Select proper boot device …

Having entered the BIOS, I noticed that my disk is not recognized as a device.

MSI x99A Gaming 9 motherboard

I tried to connect the disk and through an m.2 - SATA adapter, connected via m.2 - USB. The result is the same - the disk is not identified as hardware.

There were no power surges, all other disks are working properly and are detected, only this disk has problems.

I performed encryption in UEFI + Legacy mode, can this cause the disk not to be recognized as a device by hardware?

I urgently need your help, as the disk contains important data.

Thanks in advance.