Sandisk extreme v2 2tb ssd drive password issue


I have an issue with my Sandisk 2TB V2 ssd drive’s password encryption. Below is the timeline.

  1. I configured the security password on windows 10. Unlocks functioned normally.
  2. I wanted to back-up a macOS laptop. Connected and unlocked fine on MacOS 10.12. Data transferred normally from laptop to ssd and laptop was upgraded to MacOS Catalina.
  3. Next day, tried to login to ssd on new MacOS but it kept saying “Password Invalid”.
  4. Tried to used ssd on windows PC where the password was configured, same result “Password Invalid”

Now I have not forgotten the password overnight. This is certain. But something has gone wrong and the SSD security is not recognising my password anymore.

Has this happened to anyone that it just stop recognising the password? I don’t want to format and lose all my stuff.

Hope someone can help!



Hi @aneeshk ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:


Hi Keerti,

Thanks I have created the question. Reference number is 221031-005503.

I am in dire need of help here.


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Did you find a fix? I have the same problem, i think I’m losing my mind but can’t be, i have the same password everywhere.

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If you’re experiencing a password issue with your SanDisk Extreme V2 2TB SSD drive, try resetting the password using the manufacturer’s recommended method or contact SanDisk’s customer support for further assistance.
If you’re looking to recover data from a broken SanDisk Extreme SSD, you can visit our guide page at SanDisk Extreme SSD Failure: Tips to Prevent from Further Damage. This page offers comprehensive instructions and valuable tips to help you recover any lost data. I hope this information proves useful in resolving your issue and retrieving your crucial files.

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Me too. Same issue. Only ever used on my MacBook Pro, thing is only like two weeks old!

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I had a huge luck. I couldn’t log in for a long time. Then suddenly, after not trying for a while, I tried to login on a different computer and suddenly the same password worked!! I quickly transferred my data to the computer and the very very strange part is that when I disconnected and tried the same password, it once again failed to unlock.
Since I removed the data, I just formatted the drive and removed the password feature. Highly inconvenient and dangerous if someone has super critical data and the login feature is corrupted.
There is some huge issue with Sandisk’s software to lock and unlock the drive. I was very fortunate.

I would advise to keep trying on different computer (windows, mac) and wherever it works, get your data out asap!

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