[Bug] Secure Drive Unlock and SanDisk Security is broken on MacOS Monterey

Drive Unlock is the worst issue, even the entered password is displayed in white. The buttons, the text all in white. It seems to be an issue in not respecting the dark mode on MacOS.

The other issue is that the drive simply unmount itself after either in sleep mode or simply randomly. That issue appears to happen for a long time already and should finally be investigated by SanDisk!

Another issue is, that the app does not even respect auto-unlock (even though the check-box is enabled in the app) after the device reboots.

How in the world is this all passing Q&A at SanDisk ?! Using the Samsung T7 was a much more pleasant experience.

Hi @posidron,

Please refer to the article SanDisk Security “Invalid Password Message” or Password Forgotten:

If further assistance is needed, please open a case with our support team at the following:


I have neither forgotten nor entered an invalid password.

The point is that the app displays white font on white background including the input box. I seriously can not be the only one who notices that. Is there no Q&A here?

And as said, the other issue is the the disk randomly unmounts itself on MacOS! Are you guys not reading customer reviews on Reddit and similar do you guys not test that app on the hardware you are shipping too?

Thank you.

Did you forget the code or did it suddenly appear?

No, it’s not about the password. It’s about the UI as white white text on a white input box is not visible, the same applies to the button and it’s about random ejects of the drive on MacOS.