SSD Not recognized in W10, Bios

Looking for some help.

I have a x110 128g ssd that was HP oem.  The drive had been running great and I had known recently that SMART data stated the drive was in good condition.

I had just performed the windows 10 1903 upgrade from 1803.  After the successfull upgrade the next time the computer was shutdown/power cycled, the hard drive was not recognized in the bios.  “no bootable device found”

Upon connecting the drive to another computer to diagnose the problem (via usb), the drive is similarly not recognized correctly.  In device manager the driver comes up as Jmicron generic scsi disk.  Disk management identifies it as unavailable, not initialized and has no size information.

Numerous software downloads similarly are not able to identify the drive, Sandisk toolkit, Sandisk dashboard, Minitool partition wizard.  In particular the Sandisk tools are likely keying off the fact that the driver is not recognized.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a driver/firmware to download to manually update.  The only thing I have found doesn’t take the form of a .inf file, so I’m not sure what to do.

Any insights welcome, thanks

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Check your SSD for possible hardware damage and make sure you insert the cable in correct port. Additional way test it in other computer. Dont forget to install pixel gun 3d after you fix the problem. For addtional details click this read more link.