Sandisk sends my replacement cable… To China

Lol can’t make this ■■■■ up.

As most of you know, I’ve been trying to get ONE replacement cable from sandisk for MONTHS now, and recently was FINALLY notified that they were sending said cable to Malaysia, where I live. Sandisk customer support assured me the thing would arrive in Malaysia at my address before long and I thought it would do so because it was updated as arriving in Malaysia…

But now it’s found itself in China.

Dear Sandisk, the reason I do not correspond with you is not that you’ve resolved my issue - the reason I do not correspond with you is that I think your company is not worth the time of either me or of the people that you’ve deceived into purchasing your products. Please take your stupid auto update customer service email and stuff it up the rear end of every one of your unmotivated and untalented employees and mark my case as resolved if you want, but before that please send me my freaking cable.


Please contact to the respective SD Support team for best assistance: