Sandisk made malaysia?


wondering if someone can help me, I have been using sandisk for years but recently I have noticed the drives have a sticker over the made in china on the packaging and it says made in Malaysia.

The flash drive also has made in malaysia on the back but when i crack it open the chip has china.

Just worried these are counterfit, seems all the local shops and ones online are coming like this.

Noticed this with sandisk cruzer glide usb 2.0, but just purchased the sandisk extreme go usb 3.1 and it has made in malaysia to and the packaging is also black and not like the previous packaging.

I thought sandisk is made in China so worried these are fake and with the packaging being different. I am in Australia

What that tells you is the chips were sourced from China and the drives assembled in Malaysia. Either chips aren’t made in or the quality/price is suspect in Malaysia.
I just bought 2 (more) Extreme Pro 128 Flash Drives this week from WD/SD factory store and the drives say Malaysia on the back but I would bet even money the packaging said “China”.
China, Malaysia (most) any Country can produce top quality merchandise as long as your willing to pay for the quality control needed to insure the quality but then cost goes up …