Sandisk is the worst company I have ever encountered in my life

I used to be a fan of this company until I learned just how little they care about their customers.

This company has told me repeatedly that they are going to resolve my problems with my drive by sending over a simple and unbroken cable to fix my problem.

It has taken more than two months and the representatives have agreed to send over the cable, but there is no communication except lies and the cable is nowhere.

Notice how the staff in the forum aren’t messaging? Yeah, maybe it’s because they know that this is a thing already and are clearly aware that their colleagues won’t respond or aren’t up to snuff or don’t have the ability to do simple things like replace cables.

Friends, cables are cheap. I could easily buy a new cable.

But it’s not the cost of the cable that pisses me off.

It’s that a company like this that is well respected can literally fail to do something as simple as send a replacement cable and can gladly hold its reputation out to dry for the universe to see by making promises that it fails to keep to people, refusing to do simple things to replace the broken goods that it sends out.

Sandisk people, literally all you need to do is send over the cable you PROMISED to send over in a reasonable time frame, the cable that you somehow have been refusing to send even though I have repeated correspondence from your people indicating the time frame you were supposed to respond by that has long been exceeded.

You have been actively LYING to me. There is no other way around it. You lack respect for me as a customer and you do NOT have any of my patience - this interaction exists only because I am publicizing my extremely negative experience with you and your horrible customer service that serves as the prime example of how some businesses like yours can look reputable but completely lack regard for human beings.

Worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life.

Hi @victortanws,

Thank you for your feedback. We have escalated the case to the respective team to help you.

Friend, I don’t see any action on your company’s part. You talk a big game and give me bullshit and more bullshit day in and day out and I repeatedly fail to see ANY action being taken.

All you literally need to do is send me a tracking number and a delivery date that’s within a decent time frame and not ■■■■■■■ deviate from it, and I’ll be happy to completely cease all interaction with you because as I think you’re quite aware, I do not actually have a deep interest in you anymore because you are not trustworthy.