Do Not Buy From this Company

I purchased the 32GB Sandisk Ultra Flash Drive awhile backe, and in less then 2 week the thing broke on me, I was unable to pull any data off of it when I tried I would get a CRC error for every file, which is a thing that use to happen to floppies and cd’s when the data was corrupt. I would try to use forensic tools and still get nothing. After it broke, I went and talked to support online, who told me to go submit a RMA, I submitted the RMA, and still had to fight for them to give it to me for a item less then 2 weeks old. Here is how that went, they emailed me a RMA slip, which I had to go out and buy a box to ship it back to them in out of pocket, USPS shows it was recieved by them the very next day, which I then get a email 3 days after USPS says it was delieved saying they just recieved it and will be processing it soon. I get a email 3 days later saying it has been processed and will be shipped later that same day, and I will receive a tracking number once it has been shipped. I get another email the next day around 5PM, saying they have shipped it here is your tracking number. as of today Sunday morning 2 days after it was “shipped”, the tracking number still only says “Shipping information Received” both on SanDicks tracking page and on UPS’s page. You would think that if a company found out they sold a device that broke in less then 2 weeks, from just sitting on a office desk and occassionally being used to backup data on, they would give a **bleep** and try to make it right instead of feeding me bull**bleep** left and right.

Me nor my company will never buy another product from you ever.

BTW I work as an IT Systems Administrator and Network Administrator for my company, and have to data recovery from unrecoverable sources from time to time and I do know what I am doing, and this thing was gone. Short of sending it to a lab and paying a $1 per MB you couldnt get nothing and I doubt they would either since they mainly work with acuatly media and not NAND.

Stay away from any of their products before its too late and you lose everything!

Thanks for listening, and sorry for the long rant.

So, your company is paying you good money to buy $8 flash drives to backup files and then more money to have you write a complaint about it?  Wow.

In companies concerned about company data files the standard procedure is to back them up twice and to store the backups in different locations.  So from a management point of view you should have bought a new flash drive and restored the files to it from the 2nd backup.  And yes, return the defective flash drive for a replacement, but do something productive rather than whine about it until it is replaced.

If you worked for me we would have a talk.

Who said anything about it being a company flash drive. I just started i know how to recover data and i do it for the company i work for

This isn’t the first time i had things break from San disk, in the first 1 year but the first from noon extreme use. I only wrote to it 3 times total.

Assuming things makes you look and sound like a asshat