SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0

Hi all. I had a Cruzer Ultra Dual Drive 3.0 128GB Black which quit on me recently.

I was copying files from my W10 laptop when the file explorer window closed/ crashed and the connection disappeared.  Now neither my laptop nor my Android phone or tablet can recognize the drive.  It looks like the content is fried - I did manage to pull a page of random characters instead of a file list before it went completely offline. 

I got a return auth,  but the information I was storing there is private - I don’t want to send the drive back with possibly recoverable data on it.  Any suggestions for a way to get a replacement without handing over my data?  I just got a reminder that “You have 20 days to return the defective product before your Return Authorization expires. After that date you will need to submit a new request for return.”

But there’s nowhere I can see to explain my problem apart from here…

If there’s any way to reliably blank the drive,  I’d be happy with that!


What’s been reported as acceptible in the past, that the RMA accepts, is a hammer. 

LOL I guess that would do it…  Thanks!