Broken cable, Negligent customer support personnel (Logan R)

Hi, I received a broken cable with my Sandisk Extreme Pro 4TB. The thing is, this is not really a big problem.

The problem is, our friend the customer support man Logan R didn’t only fail to respond within the two business day timeline that Sandisk had promised (email sent September 27th, response received October 5th) but also fail in the course of fashioning his response to tailor it in any way to the specifics of my problem, reflecting both complete negligence as well as a complete lack of ability to establish any form of meaningful customer relations, thereby demonstrating what I consider to either be a significantly below average level of ability or a complete disregard for the specifics of his job, as we see below.

Cost is not a primary consideration for me - for me, this problem is a problem of principle. Why is this person working at the company if they cannot even accomplish simple and menial tasks such as sending a cable to replace the one that you sent with your extremely expensive drive or contacting the distributor on my behalf at no additional cost considering that this is an extremely simple thing to do that simply requires a few phone calls?

Sandisk, when you see this, please address my specific problem in one step: Send me a replacement cable to my address, no further discussion. Subsequently, feel free to have a nice discussion with our friend Logan when you have the time but to me, that is not a priority.


Dude what? A cable is not something big to ask for it is literally worth LESS THAN 5% THE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT. How little does this company care about its customers???