Sandisk SecureAccess Doesn't work on windows 8 on SanDisk Extreme USB flash drive - 32 GB


I got SanDisk Extreme USB 32gb drive and i’m trying to use Sandisk SecureAccess software. when i run the software it says

“Please run sandisk secureAccess from a sandisk external device”

My O/S is windows 8.

You have to run it from the flash drive, not the computer.

i tried to run it from the flash driver but it didnt work

Does Windows 8 support running apps in Compatibility mode?  If so see if SecureAccess runs as Windows 7 mode.

Try this, right click on the icon saved in the flash drive and click properties. Then compatibility mode. Then look for options, I mean do a trial and error. But make sure to remember the original set up.