SanDisk RescuePro cannot recover deleted files. Scam?

Simple problem:

Accidental delete of a (large) folder from Clip+

Clip still shows that the space is being taken up by the folder, but there is no folder.

Purchased RescuePro, but it cannot “see” the Sansa clip as a Drive

Seems like this scenario is what RescuePro is supposed to do?  Otherwise why purchase it?

Has anyone successfully used RescuePro, or is it just a scam?

Just read Amazon reviews.  It IS a scam.  Dammit.  Now I have to call the credit card company to dispute.  Ugh.

Try free software called Recuva.

My experience with photorescue is excellent, will recover pictures even after a format. Not sure about music but suspect products such as Recuva should do well.

However,  we need to clarify the conditions covered. The op mentioned losing a folder but not recovering the space, that doesn’t sound right, but the op neglects to tell us the computer os, where he got his space statistics, whether the delete was via the device or computer and what USB mode was being used, so we mostly know nothing and guessing is not a very reliable option.

The Amazon comments do list some happy customers, but there seems to be some question of how the software is purchased.

If data loss is other than from an accidental delete or format, all bets are off. By all means try some of the free options but be prepared to not being able to recover the data.

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if you purchased that off amazon for 1.99 it is a scam. the only source for ligitimate copy of rescue pro is and it is $30

That said keep in mind rescuepro only works with MSC devices. If you MP3 player is in MTP mode it most lilely would not work. 

MTP mode does not allow access to the underlying file system. That must be done in MSC mode. In that mode you could try and recover lost files, however if you copied them over in MTP mode they may be stored in odd or difficult to access formats. Not sure how the sandisk firmware handles that actually. Probably best to just go back to the source and get new files.

You can  try other the 3rd-party recovery tool, I ever used a tool named Card Data Recovery to recover files from SanDisk memory card. you know more in this videos:

That’s probably a shill post preceding this one, but with the cNet download you can see if it can find the file first,  before you decide whether you want to pay $30 to recover it.

Are you sure you’ve not saved anything new on this Sansa clip.

In fact, as I know, after the deleting process, the deleted data is not actually erased immediately. But, the data also can be easily overwritten by anything new on the same drive and gone permanently. So, you should take care.

But, no matter whether there is a new folder, you can also take chances with some data recovery freeware to get back your deleted files successfully like:

No matter which one you choose, you’d better act carefully in case of any data loss.

Note : No matter what happens in the future, you should always be careful about your data and back it up well.

Three months later I’m sure the original poster has moved on. Also you might note that I recommended Recuva way up there near the top.

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