Sansa Clip Zip keeps bringing back old deleted files?

I’ve spent too much time trying to browse forums and google so I registered for the forums here hoping someone can help me. I spent a week trying to figure out what was going wrong different USB modes, format, resets, firmware, etc. 

Okay I don’t know how to explain the problem but here goes on my primary PC it keeps giving me the issue with the SandiskUpdater.exe not having a proper drive. On secondary PC I’m able to update firmware just fine. So here’s the problem per my fathers request he wants some audio files transfered (about 500 short clips). I got them off the dozens of discs and put the player in MSC usb mode and plugged it in dragged and dropped. I organized them by different folders. Only to realize when I completed the process I didn’t name them properly so the order was all funny looking. I went and formated once more and once I verified completely empty I renamed and put in new files properly named. The old ones returned out of nowhere. If I plug it into PC it only shows new files not the old ones but the old ones still show on player. Same thing with micro sdhc I put files on there, format through windows even, nothing shows as soon as I drop in new files the old ones show up again in the player but not via windows explorer. 

Perhaps I’m just oblivious. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a solution for this?! Thanks for any help!!

Perhaps this is the answer:

As a general matter, audio digital players, including the Clips, display information on their screens drawn from metadata stored in the files–the files’ ID3 tags, providing info. as to the title of the track, the album/book title, the artist name, the genre, the year, etc. This info. may be different than the file and folder names associated with the files. And so you need to make sure that the ID3 tag infomation for your files is filled in and is correct.

Typically, nowadays, that information is already filled in; but it may not be, and it may be incorrect. Also, if you rip the files yourself from your own CDs, you will need to fill in the ID3 tags yourself.

Nicely, however, none of this is difficult to do, and Internet freeware in the form of ID3 tag editors can be used for this purpose–to fill in and/or edit the ID3 tags (and these tag editors also can retrieve the tag information initially from free, online databases, so that you don’t have to type in all the info.–and even if you do, the editors make it easy to fill the information in). Often recommended as a tag editor is MP3Tag.

Do note: if you have a Clip+ or a Clip Zip, the player will let you navigate your content using the player’s database, which uses the ID3 tags, OR by folder and file name just like on your computer–for that latter option, go to the bottom of the player’s Music category and choose Folders, and then navigate just like on your computer. Note, however, that the player still generally uses the ID3 tags for display purposes once youi have selected a file to play. Hope this helps–

@yams wrote:


 . . . on my primary PC it keeps giving me the issue with the SandiskUpdater.exe not having a proper drive.



To eliminate this proble, eliminate the Sansa Firmware Updater and just maually update the firmware. Not only is it easy, just as fast as the Updater (if not faster), but the Updater won’t be starting up every time you power on your computer, slowing things down nor ‘phoning home’ everytime you plug in your player looking for an update that will never happen.