SanDisk press release: 16GiB MicroSDHC cards

My goodness, that’s a lot of storage. Now, I wonder how long the Fuze will take to scan one of those cards full of music, whether the absolute limit on the number of files per storage node will be lifted, and whether long-sought wraparound scrolling will be introduced at the end of the week with the new firmware to help cope with the inevitably larger music libraries… or whether we’ll see more storage but fewer files as everyone starts using FLAC.


$130 … hmm … is selling a Sansa View 16GB for $129.  :mansurprised:

Actually, the card that concerns us as Sansa owners is the 16GB Micro SDHC card at $99.99. The M2 (different shape) is the one for $129.99 (Notice no word on the speed class rating?)

Now don’t you feel better? I just saved you 30 bucks! :smiley:

These babies have already been launched in the UK. The 16GB Micro SDHC is a Class 4 and you can read about the speed details here for the M2.