Anyone used the Kodak 16GB MicroSDHC Class 4 card?

This is on sale now at Best Buy Canada for $69.99.  Want to pick it up, but want to know if anyone has used it already and have an opinion.  Will be using it only for music and some photos in my Fuze.



Don’t know anything about the Kodak brand, but it’s hard to go wrong with SanDisk. They are after all, the world-wide leader in flash memory.

Is that $69.99 Canadian or US? I don’t know what the conversion rate is, but that’s awfully high if it’s in US dollars. I just bought one for 35 bucks (US).

That is $69.99 Canadian.  BTW, there is only a 0.02 cent difference between the US and Canadian dollar which is only a difference of about $1.40.

Where did you get a 16 GB Sandisk microSD for $35 US!?

I’ve gotten one from for $45