sandisk ixpand 128 GB not updating firmware to my iPad mini IOS 7.1.2.

I paid a fortune for Sandisk ixpand 128 GB flash drive to be able to transfer data from ipad mini 7.1.2  64 GB  to a new ipad pro 9.7 (which i have not purchased yet)…i do not want to use the clould and i do NOT want to update my current ipad mini which still uses iphoto (next IOS version does not use iphoto and i updated my Macbook late 2008 to El Capitan, so doesnt use iphoto which would screw up my ipad mini albums).  i spent a whole month researching your Sandisk Ixpand system and it states that its compatible with IOS 7.1 and later.  I plugged  the drive into my ipad mini and it would not update the firmware and neither will my Macbook…i do not own a MS windows PC but may buy one.  Question:  if i finally get to update the firmware in the ixpand will the drive then be compatible with the IOS 7.1.2 of current ipad mini and with the new ipad pro 9 IOS 9.3.2 ?

There are 2 versions on the iXpand which one do you have?

iXpand USB 3.0 

iXpand USB 2.0

If you have the USB 3.0 it uses the app named iXpand Drive and it only works with iOS 8 and above 

If you have the USB 2.0 it uses an app named iXpand Sync and should work on iOS 7.1+. No need for FW update for iOS 7.1 you will only need to update the FW to work with iOS 9+. The update should be pushed via iXpand Sync version 1.6.10 on your iOS 7.1 device.

If for some reason tha FW update fails you should be able to use the PC tool to update the FW and once on the latest FW it should work with both iOS 7.1 and iOS 9+