iXpand Firmware Ver 4.4.8?

When I connect my iXpand to an iPad Mini I get a messgae to update the firmware from ver 4.4.7 to  4.4.8 but it fails to update with a message to “reconnect the Flash Drive and try again”.

This produces the “Drive Not Detected” message.

The only way to reconnect is to reload ver 4.4.7 using a PC and the cycle repeats.

If I cancel the upgrade though it loads with ver 4.4.7.

The strange thing is that videos that have not played since the 4.4.7 upgrade now play ok.

What is going on Sandisk?

Has the 4.4.7 firmware been fixed?

If so why 4.4.8 and where is the internet page to upgrade using a PC?

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totally agree…


Have you found a solution to this yet?

i brought one of these devices yesterday and am having the same issue.

I have  NOT updated to 4.4.8 and left it at 4.4.7 so far its been working. I am not sure if that is the best thing to do, I feel like I “should” update but so far its been working at 4.4.7

If anyone has any ideas why this is not a good thing please let me know

Same here, just ‘cancel’ when it asks to upgrade to 4.4.8 and it works ok.

Anyway the upgrade in the app doesn’t work and the PC upgrade page is still for 4.4.7.

I suspect Sandisk have modified the 4.4.7 firmware though as it now plays videos on the iPad mini ok.

It is now over 3 months since this issue arose and no resolution.

We are now on IOS ver 9.3.2 and I see from other posts that others are having problems getting the iXpand to work.

I’ve since noticed another problem in that Camera Sync has stopped working - just stuck at “Preparing to sync”.

Has Sandisk given up supporting this model sonce the introduction of the the new version 3.0 perhaps?

i think they should recall these devices…this device is quite expensive