Post upgrade to firmwire version 4.4.4 iXpand not being recognized

I upgraded the iXpand to firmwide version 4.4.4 and after that the drive is not being recognized by my Windows PC (WIN 8.1). My ipad is able to read the drive though but am unable to copy anything from my ipad to the drive. So basically now am unable to copy anything into the iXpand drive from either my computer or my ipad. 

probably best to contact sandisk support. The iXpand may need to be replaced. 866-SANDISK

I am having the same problem. My error was to have upgraded my ipad to ios 9, in this case the drive was unable to connect to the ipad, so i had to upgrade my drive in order to work on ipad, i did so; but i am having another big probrem: the drive is not recognized by my pc!!! if anybody has a solution please let me know.

How to contact sandisk support?

@israel wrote:

How to contact sandisk support?

Click on the big, red SanDisk logo in the top left of any page on the forum. Then on Support, then on Contact Us.

I have the same problem.

i contacted sandisk and they said that the new firmware 4.4.6 is going to fix the issue, and is expected to release 10/6/2015

I had contacted sandisk and they asked me to get the drive replaced. But today I upgraded to the firmwide update 4.4.6 and after that the drive is working fine. Its being recognized by my pc now. Thanks a lot.

i have bought a iXpand 64GB and use iphone 6 (9.0.x iOS).i have upgraded frimware for iXpand to 4.4.7 version. However my phone can not receiving iXpand. I try connect to other phone (use 8.0.x. iOS) is OK . I don’t know understand, pls teach me this problem. :cry:

Thank very much