iXpand installation issues.


I have purchased an iXpand but none of my devices recognise it.

 device is fully charged

devices updated to 9.3.2

latest version of app installed on devices

I open the app, and it ask me to plug in the iXpand flash drive…which I do…nothing! Nothing happens!! lol

help please, im sure there is something im doing wrong. any help would be greatly appreciated!


If you are using a iXpand USB 2.0 drive you may need a FW update. If you do not have an iOS 8 device to update with you will need a PC to update. Please see the FW update tool for PC linked below. 


i also have the same issue, my iXpand shows Firmware Version 4.4.8, and the Model Number shows SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 16GB, and my iPad Version is 9.3.2.

But my iPad does not recognise the iXpand drive.

When the drive is inserted the SanDisk App starts, with the message, “Hello! Plug in your iXpand Flash Drive to get started!”

Nil operation from then.

What is happening?

since you have FW 4.4.8 and it is still not detected it will probably need to be replaced. Contact sandisk support and submit a warranty claim. 

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