Drive not detected


the Ixpand flash drive is recognised when plugging in the usb to the laptop but when plugging in to the iphone it doesnt automatically detect so i loaded the ixpand sync app but when i click the app (with ixpand connected to iphone) it comes up with ‘Drive not Detected’

Have you tried opening the app first, then plugging in the iXpand drive?

Make sure you have the latest FW on the iXpand. If you ahve an old FW and iOS 9 the iXpand will not be detected. Her is a link to the manual FW update instructions. You will need a Windows PC to update the iXpand drive. 

I m facing the same problem that seems to occur after iXpand Sync upgrade (November 30). It used to work without any issues (iXpand 32GB drive) as soon as it was attached on my ipad mini 2 retina running iOS 8.4.1 or any pc/laptop at work or home. I have noticed that the firmware upgrade was pointing specifically for iOS 9 compatibility that im not interested in upgrading my devices (ipad/iphone). Actually trying with a friend’s iphone running iOS 9.1 the application (iXpand Sync) is giving the same message (besides the firmware upgrade warning) that no drive has been detected. It still works fine with any laptop/pc but not anymore with ipad/iphone (in my case devices running iOS 8.4.1).

the latest FW update should be compatible with iOS 8 as well. try using the windows update tool to update to FW 4.4.7. After upgrading to 4.4.7 let us know if you are still seeing detection issues. 

After the firmware upgrade works again with iOS 8.4.1, so the firmware upgrade is not only about providing compatibility with iOS 9 described on the link. Thank you very much for your help drlucky.