ixpand - not detected after ios 9.3 update

I have been using my ixpand drive with my iphone 6s. But after the new ios 9.3 update the drive is not detected by the phone. when I connect I get the message that ixpand sync would like to communicate with the flash drive but after that I get the message that the drive is not detected. ( The drive is fully charged). Does anyone else face this problem? Please help.

I too am having this problem.  I am not sure that the firmware update even happened, it sat connected to my ipad for several hours with a circle going round the whole time.  Now I am getting the message that it is not detected, both on the computer and on the ipad.

What is the make, model, and reginal setting for your iPhone? I have an iPhone 6s and iPhone 5s running iOS 9.3.1 and the iXpand is working no problems for me. Also what iXpand Sync version are you using and what the the FW version on the iXpand?

Some other things you can try

  1. Force quit the iXpand app and disconnect and reconnect the iXpand.

  2. Power cycle the iPhone

  3. uninstall and reinstall the iXpand Sync app

Im not able to connect my iexpand drive in my iphone 6 after the update of ios 9.3.1 !
When I connect it says iexpand would like to communicate but later when the app is opened it says like its not detecting.
I tried reinstaling the app also!
Tell me a way to fix this

I am running the same IOS version as you on an ipad 4 64gb.  It was working fine before the attempted update but is not now recognised by either the ipad or the computer.  Deleting and re-installing the ixpand app has made no difference, neither has rebooting the ipad.  

I started again with this on. Different computer.  Error messages kept flashing up throughtout the update, and messages stating that the drive was not working properly.  Then suddenly a message to say that the update was done, plugged it back into my ipad,  ran the update on there which took a matter of seconds and hey presto, all working now.  I can only think that the failed ipad update the first time messed it up.  

I am also suffering from this issue. When i plug the device in it will ask to connect then when the app opens it asks me to plug in (the already plugged in) device.

Anyone figured out how to fix it yet?

if you are still getting this error after updating to iOS 9.3.2 contact sandisk support the iXpand may need to be replaced. 

I have a brand new iXpand 32g drive. My ipad is up to date with iOS 9.3.5. My iXpand FW is 4.4.1. It “fails to update” after multiple attempts. ( naturally because I use iPad ) I only have iMac and MacBook computers. There seems to be no MAC update tool, only for Windows which I dont have (naturally)      WHAT GIVES SANDISK??? Any help appreciated

There is no update tool for mac. Do you have any friends with a windows PC you could use? You could also use an iOS 8 device to update the FW if you have one available. If neither are an option contact sandisk support and they can replace it with an iXpand that has the latest FW.