SanDisk flash drive---Can files be un-encrypted?

For protection put files on SanDisk flash drive in password protected vault.  After 100s of hours of work, got message to enter new password.  Instead I re-entered the original.  Now It shows 0 items/0 use. I found the files but they are all encrypted and I am unable to use them.  Does anyone have any idea how to get my files back?

If there was a way to get them un-encrypted the security wouldn’t be very good.  Have you tried using the SanDisk help site?

The reason why you got prompted for a new password is a bit of a mystery.  Did someone try to access your files?

Thank you for your response.  As to someone trying to access my files, I think it is safe to assume it was one of the “not me” on the list of suspects in the room at the time the flash drive failed. Further investigation has proven inconclusive at this point.  Although incomplete I thankfully have some back up to start over and new rules with consequences in all future office conduct.  Thanks again for your response.  DLD